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Diabetic Care

Diabetic Care

Diabetic Care services offered in Richardson, Wadley Tower, Dallas and Garland, TX

Managing your diabetes is an excellent way to prevent unwanted foot complications. The Metroplex Foot and Ankle, LLP specialists offer diabetic care to those currently experiencing symptoms or those wanting to protect their health. Call one of the three offices in Dallas, Garland, and Richardson, Texas, to schedule an appointment. You can also reserve a timeslot through the website’s booking tool.

Diabetic Care Q&A

What is diabetic care?

When left unmanaged, diabetes can strain tiny blood vessels and nerves like those often found in the eyes or feet. Constant stress and constriction of these vessels lead to poor circulation, which makes simple wounds potentially life-threatening.

Diabetic care can help you manage your blood sugar and ensure you’re wearing shoes that allow for ample blood flow. The experts help you adopt proper foot hygiene to minimize your risk of complications.

Why is diabetic care important?

People with diabetes often experience nerve damage that may make it difficult to discern if they’ve sustained a foot wound or injury. This makes it easy to accidentally step on a sharp object or a hot surface that may burn you. If even a small wound becomes infected, poor blood circulation associated with diabetes could lead to severe bacterial infection and gangrene.

Scheduling regular visits with the foot specialists at one of the Texas offices protects your health and helps monitor your diabetic symptoms. Additionally, they’ll be able to provide swift relief if they spot an open wound or infection and greatly mitigate further damage.

How do I know I need diabetic care?

If you have an existing diabetic diagnosis, it’s important to maintain a strong connection with your health care providers and monitor your blood sugar daily. You should schedule regular check-ups to make sure you have optimal foot health.

You may also need foot care if you’re showing any current symptoms associated with open wounds or ulcers, such as:

  • Redness
  • Swelling
  • Strong odor
  • Fluid retention
  • Numbness
  • Discolored toenails
  • Lower body pain and cramps

Though not an exhaustive list, having any of these symptoms may indicate an infection or poor diabetes management that a podiatrist can help you with.

How does diabetic care treat diabetes symptoms?

Diabetic care helps remove painful ulcers or dangerous infections before they worsen. The experts will make sure you’re reducing potential sources of irritation, foot constriction, and trauma to prevent ulcers.

Their specialists will also perform several diagnostic tests, like X-rays and ultrasound, to monitor your foot’s soft and hard tissues. If you’re not already managing your blood sugar, they will teach you effective strategies to keep your energy levels balanced and minimize complications of high blood sugar.

Call the experts to learn more about diabetic care and to book an appointment. You can also schedule through the online portal.