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Diabetic Wound Care

Diabetic Wound Care in Dallas, Richardson and Garland, TX

Diabetic Wound Care

Neuropathy is the inability to feel pain in the foot, resulting from nerve damage caused by high blood glucose levels. When experiencing neuropathy with a diabetic foot ulcer, wound care is critical to the healing process.

Foot care for diabetics includes infection prevention, taking pressure off the wounded area, removing dead skin and tissue, the use of medication and dressings, and monitoring blood glucose. If an infection is diagnosed, wound care can also mean antibiotics and surgical management.

Diabetics have a 40% chance of experiencing neuropathy, or numbness, in their lifetime.

Common diabetic foot ulcer symptoms include:

  • ODOR

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Ulcers are caused by lack of feeling, poor circulation, deformities, shoes that are not supportive, uncontrolled blood sugar, foot ulceration history, irritation, and trauma. Our Richardson wound care specialists have invested in several modalities to make our practice better for our patients. Our wound care specialists include board-certified Dr. Timothy Abigail and Dr. Scott Smith, Associate Medical Director of Wound Care at Baylor Medical Center in Garland. Our practice offers the following forms of medical imaging:

  • Fluoroscopy, or real-time x-ray, to evaluate trauma
  • Digital x-ray system
  • Vascular machines to assess poor circulation
  • Ultra-sound to evaluate soft-tissue injury

“Diabetic foot ulcers are open wounds often located at the bottom of the foot.”

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